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. Our ministry is a non-denominational ministry serving all faiths. 

Though Christian in nature, we believe that all faiths have enlightened paths to the Godhead, 

and our mission is to serve all who call.

 We have been called by Him to serve you, 

who, though are spiritual,

 have chosen not to yoke themselves to a particular church or denomination.

Therefore, our calling is to serve those in need of ministerial services,

be it a baptism, marriage, internment service, communion,

pastoral counseling or simply, reconciliation with God.

Like the Apostles, our ministry is not tied to a geographical

or community boundary, we make it very simple,

you call, we serve.



Our Minister & Director


Rev. Andre Gregoire M.S.

Rev. Gregoire earlier trained in a Catholic seminary, and later converted to the United Church of Christ before being called to an ordained ministry in a non-denominational setting. He is a retired firefighter, College professor, and presently subsidizes his ministry as a Safety Consultant for industry and leading Insurance companies.

Rev. Gregoire has also served in the funeral profession for ten years. He has led numerous Death & Dying, and funeral planning seminars. 

A prominent Freemason, he is a Past Grand Marshal of the Grand Lodge and Secretary of Lafayette Lodge, F.& A.M. in Cumberland, Rhode Island.

Member of the International Chaplains Associations


Our Belief


ONE GOD - Many Names


 ONE SON - Many Paths


ONE TRUTH - Many Faiths




Available for religious or commitment ceremony

Renewal of Marriage vows

Pre-wedding conference




Internment Services


Funeral Home

Graveside Service

Memorial Anniversary

Grief Counseling

Funeral Planning & Consulting


Baptism, or Renewal of Vows

Children & adult baptism

Renewal of baptismal vows

Church, home or lakeside service.




Commitment Ceremonies

As our society evolves into a wider acceptance of people as who and what they are, many sincere and loving relationships are appearing on the scene crying and shouting for recognition. Some couples choose to forego the normal route of legalization of their marriage due to philosophical or ideological reasons.

In our society there is presently a great turmoil and debate on the marriage issue for same gender couples who wish to be married and that by law are still not recognized in most states. We, at Emmaus believe that the longing of the heart is stronger then the legal ties that bind our society. Our God is an all-loving God, and it is in the eyes of God that marriages and relationships are offered up to.

Love and commitment are true gifts of the Spirit and are not to be wasted or overlooked. They deserve to be honored and respected for the joys they bring to the lives of those who share them. The deep commitment that this kind of ceremony addresses celebrates the hearts and minds that request it. Commitment is the key here for the bond that holds without a legal sanction we believe is indeed a natural bond.


A Faith Based Ministry


What is the work of the faithful in the world? And how should it be done? Emmaus Ministries embraces the idea that faith is the fabric of what we do. It is through this belief that our ministries is upholding society through co-operative ventures with sectarian and religiously affiliated groups.

We are in complete agreement with Pastor Jim Wallis, founder of Sojourners, a community of religious social activists, “faith prompts hope, prompts action, prompts change.” Help us as we continue the fight for Charitable Choice, that will allow us to keep our religious character while contracting with government to offer much needed social services.




Contact Us


Emmaus Ministries RI

392 West Wrentham Rd.

Cumberland, RI 02864

Offices in

Lafayette Lodge F&AM


Phone: (401) -769-1731


Emmaus Ministries NH

301 Route 114

Sutton, NH 03221


Emmaus Ministries MA

Raynham, MA


E-Mail: rev.gregoire@emmausministry.com



In Memory of Chaplain Mychal Judge

Chaplain Mychal Judge, 68, was killed by falling debris while administering last rites to a dying fire fighter at  the New York 
World Trade Center. Born May 11, 1933, he was ordained in 1961
and became a chaplain in 1992.

CNS PHOTO / Chaplain Judge

"Prayer attributed to
Mychal Judge, OFM, FDNY"

Lord, take me where you want me to go;
Let me meet who you want me to meet;
Tell me what you want me to say
And keep me out of your way.


Copyright 1995-2005 International Chaplains Association


Rev. Gregoire is a member of the Reformed catholic Church International www.RCCINE.org


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